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Do You
Work with Children?

This website will be very useful to anyone who works with children - parents, teachers, librarians, group leaders, camp counselors, day-care people, party planners, even planners, babysitters.

In other words, these pages are for ANYONE who is looking for fun activities for children to play!

You will also find all of those forgotten childhood rhymes from the playground that you want to remember and share with your children.

  • Do you have a childhood memory of playing with other children and jumping rope or counting to those age-old funny rhymes?
  • Do you wish you could remember the rules or rhymes?

This impressive collection includes all of your old traditional favorites with some newer versions that today's children are enjoying!

Here you will as find many of the activities and songs, chants and jingles played and sung by children. Included are rhymes, clapping rhymes, rhymes for skipping and ball-bounces, chants to who starts, plus ones such as Tag, Red Light Green Light, and What's the time Mr Wolf?

Fun Teenage Birthday Activities

The best teenage birthday party ideas are those that the kids are still talking about in History class on Monday morning. In fact, the best parties are still being talked about on Friday of the next week. If you want to throw that kind of birthday party for your teen this year, consider the following ideas as jumping off points for your own creative ideas.

The best birthday party game ideas for teenagers are those that speak to the teen's individual style, likes, and preferences. No one idea will be perfect for your teen, but you can use these ideas to come up with the perfect ideas your teen will love. Here is just a small sample of ideas you will find in my website.

Gift Card Matching Game

This game requires some financial investment so won't be suitable for all parents, but if you are planning a big party such as the sweet sixteen party and want to invest a bit more in the fun, this is one teenagers absolutely love!

Buy an assortment of gift cards from stores that teens love. You need sets 2 identical cards, so two $5 cards from Old Navy and two $10 cards from Abercrombie, and so forth. You can include fast food restaurants, clothing stores, and movie theaters, bowling alleys, whatever your teens love.

Five and ten dollars a piece is more than enough, so they do not need to be expensive cards. How many you purchase depends on how many guests you have coming and how many prizes you want to give away with this game.

Remove the cards from their original cardboard holders and attach each one to a blank piece of paper. Arrange them upside down on a table and make sure the matches are not near one another. Kids can take a turn trying to flip over matches, keeping the ones they match up.

You may want to give each teen one try when they first walk in the door and then allow them to take turns until everything has been won once all guests have arrived.

Celebrity Truth or Lie Party Game

Have your teen help you come up with some true and false bits of trivia about celebrities all their friends will know about. Write each statement on piece of paper marked with a number. Create an answer key showing which numbers are correct or false and then mix the papers in a bowl.

Allow kids to randomly draw out a piece of paper and decide as a group which ones are true and which ones are false. Play with words and put in some trick questions that may bring debate and stump them a bit.

The Sports Party

If you want to get the teens up and moving, consider setting up a variety of sporting events that they can compete with one another in. You can play volleyball over a couch or get outdoors to see who can make the most hoops in a give period of time.

Switcheroo Parties

Consider adding a twist to the party and ask boys to come dressed as girls and girls to come dressed as boys. You can also ask guests to dress up as someone else coming to the party (putting a list of guests online may help). Everyone will get a good laugh trying to guess who is dressed as who.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy and share these party game ideas!