Teen Party Themes

Easy Last Minute Teen Party Themes...

I have learned from experience that a good party theme for your teen is needed to capture and keep the attention of his or her group of friends. That's why it's important that you choose the right teen party theme that is not only fun, but also entertaining. Kids this age are easily bored and are also looking to impress their friends, which can sometimes lead to some pretty rowdy behavior.

By keeping them constantly absorbed in party activities, you will hopefully save yourself from an out-of-control teen party!

Choose a teen party theme together with your teen. Listen to your teen what he/she wants to have in her/his party. Here are some suggestions to help you get you started:

Here are a few simple teen party theme ideas to get started:

  1. Rent a karaoke machine and have a singing or lip syncing contest!
  2. College themed party, particularly for older teens who favor a particular school.
  3. Movie marathons featuring their favorite series or actors.
  4. Beads and crafts party. For teen girls who love accessories, a beading party can be a lot of fun. Consider providing trays of different beads and craft materials as well as books on beading so teens can be very creative with their necklaces and bracelets. Each gets to take home their finished bracelets after.
  5. Makeover parties complete with different cosmetics and hair products.
  6. Pick a teenage party theme related to a teen’s specific interests, such as music, dance, sports or travel.
  7. Spend the day at an amusement park with one or two friends.
  8. Go to your local Lazer Tag or Paintball arena, the teens will have a blast firing ink pellets or lazers at each other.
  9. Go bowling – Most alleys offer organized parties.
  10. Take your child to a professional sporting event with a friend or two.
  11. Check out the local ice rinks. You might be able to rent the rink for a private party.
  12. Take in a "cool flick" and bring the gang back to the house for cake or pizza.
  13. Go to an arcade. They may have batting cages, go carts, miniature golf, video games, pinball machines and more.
  14. If it's summer, visit the local water park.
  15. Luau. Teens can come in their Hawaiian costumes. The party host can welcome her guests with a lei. Serve lots of fruits, especially pineapples and coconut juice if available. Set the mood with Hawaiian music or drum beats. Hula dancers can create a lot of enthusiasm among guests.
  16. For the really adventurous, try a campout with your child and a bunch of friends. It can be as simple as camping out in the backyard. They can make s'mores on the barbecue, listen to music in their tent, play a board game or just swap ghost stories all night long.
  17. Pool steak barbeque or beach party. If you have a pool at home, this can be a great Teen birthday party planning ideas . To imitate a beach scene, you can cover certain areas of your yard with white sand and serve refreshments along with making a barbeque.
  18. Have a sleepover. With a wide variety of videos to watch and lots of junk food, they’re always a hit for both boys and girls.
  19. Host a Playstation or Nintendo and let them play till the Wii hours!
  20. Arabian inspired teen party theme. This is great evening party. Decorate the yard with torches and spread all creatively in certain areas. Teens can dress up as Arabian prince and princesses. Serve salads, pita bread and roast chicken. Provide a small tent with a “fortune teller” inside. Belly dancers can add excitement to the occasion.
  21. Baseball inspired teen party theme. Rent out baseball videos and ask the guests to come in their favorite baseball shirts. Set out different booths, each serving different types of food such as hotdogs, popcorn, chili dogs, cotton candy, nachos and drinks. Baseball caps are excellent give-aways!

Whatever Teen party theme you choose, make sure that your area can accommodate your desired guest list. Plan ahead and enjoy watching your teen delight in the party you both had planned!

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