Teenage Birthday Party Games and Ideas for Co-ed Teen Parties

Throwing a teen birthday party or social gathering? Here are fun teenage birthday party games to play with groups of teens. Some are active games, some are ice breakers, group indoor party games,slumber party games. Most of these birthday party games can be paired along with a themed party. Party games for teens do take a little thought and preparation but it’s well worth it!

Whether it’s a sweet 16 birthday party or just some friends getting together, it’s fun to have some fun interactive teenage party games that allow teens to show off their talents, engage in conversation, or take safe chances.

All About Me

This is a great teenage birthday party game, especially for girls. One of the best teenage birthday party games is a game that is all about the teen. You will need to make the questioner before the party. It’s very easy make a list of 20 questions about the birthday girl.Some of the questions should be easy, in case not all the guests have been a part of the "group" since kindergarten. Hand out colorful gel pens (that they can keep) with the questionnaire. Set a timer for five or ten minutes and the girl who answers all the questions first or if time runs out whoever answers the most questions correctly wins and receives a small prize such as a nail polish or pair of earrings. The birthday girl should also fill out a questionnaire before the guests arrive at the party.

Music Video Charades

Divide the group into two mixed gender teams. Give them five minutes to come up with ten popular musical acts with videos on YouTube or on music television. Without using music, each team acts out a scene from a video for the others to guess. This teenage birthday party game is a definitely ice breaker!

Pop Culture Trivia

This is a fun teenage birthday party game that will be played for hours! Look at teen magazines, Facebook & MySpace for information on celebrities, pop stars, and other hot topics. Write out fun facts and have players answer. Prizes can be related to some of the trivia subjects.

Taste It Party Game

Put a variety of food items into small, numbered plastic containers. The object is to have a sample with your eyes closed and write down what you think you just ate. Items such as bittersweet chocolate, cottage cheese, guacamole, baby food, sardines, oysters, spaghetti sauce, marshmallow fluff, raw salmon, ground up saltines, and the like work well for the harmless “ew” factor. Don’t get too gross, and be aware of potential food allergies.

No Bugs On Me

This is another great teenage birthday party game,that will sure to get them talking! You can buy bug stickers at any craft shop or you can print bugs on mailing labels or name tags to make stickers. This game is one that is played while socializing. Each player is given three stickers. They need to get rid of them by giving them to people who say the words that are taboo, such as the name of a person whose birthday it is, yes and no also words well! or if it's Halloween use words like candy, night, costume or witch. Towards the end of the party, the host yells 'time is up' and gives prizes to those who have no bugs on them.

Circle of Trust

This is a great teenage birthday party game, which is also great for group parties as an ice breaker.

Have a group of six to twelve players form a circle. One player stands in the middle of the circle, eyes closed, with hands crossed in front and resting on opposite shoulders. The players in the circle have their hands up and legs slightly bent, ready to catch the player in the middle. On the count of “Three!” the player in the middle allows his/her body to stiffen and fall straight back. The other players gently catch and hold him/her above the ground. The supporting players then slowly carry the reclining player around the room, before gently putting him/her back down, feet first. Then the next player from the circle has an opportunity to be in the middle. Continue until all players have experienced the circle of trust.

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Elephant King

Have everyone sit in a circle. Each play must decide what animal they will be. They also need to come up with a gesture that represents their chosen animal. A duck, for example, might have flapping wings. A gorilla might pound his chest. One player starts the game as the Elephant King and his or her gesture is to hold an arm out in front of their nose and wave it like an elephant trunk. Elephant King is the leader of the circle. Place an empty chair or space between him/her and the player to his her left.The game begins when the Elephant King makes his/her signal followed by another player’s animal gesture. That player immediately has to make his/her own gesture and that of another player. The game continues until someone makes a mistake. The player who made the mistake goes to the end of the circle and the other players all move up.

Light as a Feather Stiff as a Board

One of the best teenage birthday party games for girls is silly but a lot of fun! It was one of my favorites as a teenage girl, I used to play it at sleep overs all of the time at my friend Angela's house in Colorado!

One girl lays on the floor and another sits at her head and puts her hands under head for support and comfort. The rest of the girls split up and sit on the sides. They each place two fingers under her and repeat the saying "Light as a feather, stiff as a board" as they chant this they levitate (pick up) the girl with only their two fingers. While it seems silly it does actually work! I’m not sure how but I can attest to it first hand and it’s not very comfortable when the lifters realize they have actually lifted the girl off the ground and freak out and drop her! With that said I strongly suggest pillows, lots of pillows for a softer landing!

Balloon Train

Divide the teens evenly. Define the starting and finishing lines. Each team must place a balloon between each player and hold it there while the team races to the finish line. So it's person, balloon, person, balloon, etc. to form a train. The first team to the finish line wins this teenage birthday party game.

Balloon Truth or Dare

Teens will love this birthday party game, this is a a fun party game and a great icebreaker!First write out ten truths and ten dares, one on each half card. Stick one card in each balloon carefully and then blow the balloon up. Start the game by taking turns picking a balloon. Each player takes turns popping their balloon and doing the truth or dare on the card.

Candy Race Party Game

This teenage birthday party game with surely be a hit! Divide the players into teams of no more than 4 per group. Place the candies with hole (lifesavers)in front of each team. The first player begins by placing one end of the straw or toothpick between his/her teeth and then trying to pick up the lifesavers with the other end. Once the first player has theirs, the second player starts to pick up a lifesaver. When all the players are done, the team sits down. The first team to sit, wins this fun teenage party game!

Famous Couples Game

This is another great teenage party game, or ice breaker. Using computer mailing labels or masking tape, write out popular pairs( one on each sticker), like celebrity couples( Jon & Kate, Ken & Barbie, Bill & Hillary, etc.) Stick one names on everyones back ,and tell them they can only find out who is on their back by asking yes or no questions to others who can see their back. They can only answer yes or no questions about other's stickers. When they figure out who they are, they should then go find for their partner. First couple to find each other wins! A great ice breaker game!

The Letter Game

Each person is given five stickers to stick on their shirt(or five beads on a pin). One letter is chosen out of the alphabet that cannot be said out loud. If someone catches someone pronouncing the sound, they can take one of their stickers. Once all of your stickers are gone, you're out of this game. The one with the most stickers at the end of the party wins. This fun teenage birthday party game is harder than you think!

Pass the Hat

This teenage party game is a fun party games and great ice breaker!

Version #1: Form a circle and place the hat on one players head. The player should pass the hat going around the circle without using their hands. If a player drops the hat he/she is out. The winner is the last one in the circle with the hat on their head.

Version #2: Form two circles and use two hats, one per circle. Play in the form of a relay game. Players pass the hat around the circles without using their hands. The first group that makes in around the circle wins.

Ping Pong Straw Race

We have all played this teenage birthday party game at some point! Two people race at the same time, if there are more than two players the other players race the winner until there is an ultimate winner. The players race the ping pong balls by starting at one end of the table and blowing the ball off the opposite end with their straw without the ball falling off the edge. If it does fall off the edge the player has to start over. Whoever gets the ball to where it needs to go first is the winner of that round.

Ping Pong Go-Round

Teens will love this teenage party game!Players spread out around the sides of the ping pong table. Two players step up, one on either end of the table holding a paddle. One player serves the ball and drops his/her paddle on the table before moving in a clockwise direction around the table. The player to his/her right comes in and picks up the paddle to return the ball. Everybody gets a chance to hit the ball, and the game moves really fast. Allow players two misses each, then they have to drop out. When only two people remain, they each hit the ball, put the paddle down, spin around, pick the paddle up again, and return the ball, until somebody misses and is out.

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This teenage party game is fun and also a great game for slumber parties!

When the Sandman comes to greet you, sleep will soon follow, unless you can guess his identity first. The host secretly chooses one player to be the “Sandman.” At the start of the game, players are told to move around the room or playing area and greet each other by shaking hands and saying their names. When the Sandman greets someone, he/she winks at at that player. The player who has been winked at must then count slowly to five before yawning, stretching, and falling to sleep by lying on the floor or ground or slumping in a chair. The Sandman continues to put players to sleep, avoiding letting others know his/her identity. The group tries to catch the Sandman in the act of winking. Anyone who can guess the identity of the Sandman shouts “Stop!” and accuse the suspect of being the Sandman. If the player guesses incorrectly, he/she must fall asleep. If the guess is correct, the game ends. The fun party game can also end if the Sandman puts everyone else to sleep.

Sticker Me

Give everyone a set of stickers at the beginning of the party. The object is to be the first person to get rid of all of their stickers by placing them on the other teens without their knowing. If they are caught, they must take one of the stickers off the guest who caught them. They can only stick one sticker on per person at a time!

Steal The Stickers

This is a great teenage birthday party game! As guests arrive, place 15 stickers on their back and give them each an index card. The object of the game is to try and steal as many stickers as possible without getting caught. Whomever has the most stickers on their card wins.

Total Recall

This is a fun teenage birthday party game, and can actually be adapted for any kind of party.

Place 20 to 25 small objects on a large serving tray and cover it with a cloth. Put the tray in the middle of a table. Give each player a pencil and paper and have the players gather around the table. The host removes the cloth from the tray to reveal the small objects. Allow the payers to look at the objects for one minute before replacing the cloth cover. Players then each have to make a list of the objects they saw, trying to remember as many as possible. The player who writes down the most correct objects is the winner. Some examples of small objects are pens,jewelry, flowers, small toys, coins, colored buttons, cookies, candy, a tape measure, a marble, etc.

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This is a great get to know you game or ice-breaker. One teen is chosen as 'it'. All the other teens form a circle around it. It then points to different players in the circle and says either zip or zap. If it says zip, the person has to say the name of the person sitting to the right of him/her and if it says zap, they have to say the name of the person sitting to the left. If the person in the circle gets it wrong, he/she becomes it and the circle scrambles so that new people are sitting to the left and right of each player.

Sardines Hide & Seek

In the usual game of hide and go seek, one person is ”It,” everybody hides, and It has to find them. In the Sardines version, It has to hide and everybody goes looking for him/her! When somebody finds where It is hiding, he/she has to go into the hiding place, too. As more and more players find It, they squeeze in together, tighter and tighter. Play until all the players are crammed together like Sardines in a can.

Back to Back

This teenage birthday party game is great activity for group of people. Standing up takes teamwork and a bit of strength and leverage in this pairs game. Pair up everyone and have each couple sit on the floor (or ground) back to back. The players should link elbows and bend their knees in front of them. When the host shouts, “On your mark, get set, go!” the pairs try to stand up. It may take several attempts before any couple succeeds, but the first to get to their feet is the winner.

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