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This shower game will be loved by everyone at the party. While you are at the store gathering items for the shower, you should also pick up a sturdy potato and a jar.

Make sure that the potato is large enough for guests to hold between their knees, but will also fit in the jar you have selected. If you plan on a large number of guests, you may want to get two potatoes and jars to keep up the pace of the party.

At the shower, place the jar on one side of the room and have guests line up on the other. Each guest will take a turn. They should hold the potato between their knees and walk from the starting point to the jar, and then drop the potato into the jar. Each guest who successfully completes this task gets a point.

After everyone has had a turn, the guests with tied scores will face off with another turn. Continue the challenges until there is a winner.

To make it more challenging, you can move the jar to a different location and select a new starting point with each round.

The winner of this shower game should get a door prize.


For these fun baby shower games to play, make up a blank bingo card on 8 1/2 X 11 paper and make copies, 1 per guest plus a some extras just in case. Each card has five columns and five rows. Make sure the boxes are large enough that the guests can fill them in themselves. (This will save you lots of time.)

Then on another sheet of paper come up with 100 baby related items, you may want to use the gift registry to get ideas for your list. Before you play you need to have each guest fill in their 25 blank spaces with any of the baby items on the list of 100 in any order.

Then, without telling the guests ahead of time, have them play bingo while the mother to be opens her gifts. Every time that she opens one of the gifts the guests mark off that gift on their bingo card. The first to bingo either up and down, across or diagonally wins.


This shower game is one that will make your guests think. The hostess will come up with several words, twenty or more, that are baby related. Use words such as rattle, diaper, stroller, pacifier, boy, girl, etc.

The hostess will keep the list of words separate, and the rewrite the words with the letters scrambled; such as ‘tbleot’ instead of bottle, and make enough copies for each guest.

At the shower, the hostess will pass out the lists of scrambled words and the guests will have a time limit to unscramble the words and write them correctly. Two minutes should be a good amount of time, but this can be increased if needed.

When the time limit is up, the hostess should share the answers with all of the guests and the person with the most correctly unscrambled words wins a prize.


This baby shower game allows guests to exchange information about child birth, hence possibly giving the expected mother more information as she waits for her newborn to arrive. Anyone with a love of trivia, babies, or both will love this game.

Before the baby shower begins, the host will write down on pieces of paper the baby trivia facts. While creating these statements about babies, make some of them obviously incorrect facts.

Once the party starts, one person will read off the facts. After each one, the group tries to guess the correct answer, deciding if the statement read off is true or false. The first person to guess correctly would then receive a prize.

This game not only shares ideas and myths about having a baby that would be helpful for the mother to be, but also draws the group of friends and families together for this joyous occasion by sharing fun baby shower games to play.


Here’s a fast-paced shower game that is sure to bring some laughs. Divide guests into equally numbered teams and give each team a bottle.

Have the first person in line for each team place the bottle under their chin, and pass it down the line without using their hands. If the bottle touches a hand or drops to the floor send it back to the front of the line.

The team that successfully passes the bottle all the way down the line is the winner!

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