Cornhole board and game sets

A colorful cornhole board and regulation cornhole bean bags are just about all you need to play the outdoor game sensation that's spreading like wildfire these days!

It seems like everywhere you look, you see people outdoors tossing beanbags and playing cornhole.

And just about every cornhole set you see is different -- with some in plain colors and some with colors matching the person's favorite sports team.

What do you need to play cornhole?

To play the cornhole toss game, you'll need four things:

  • A cornhole board - with slanted top and target holes for the bean bags to be thrown into

  • Cornhole bean bags - usually very colorful, and sized correctly for the game board holes

  • An open space - Like horseshoes, the conrhole toss game requires an open space long enough to make the tossing slightly difficult

  • People ready for fun! - The last ingredient is actually very important, because without people who like to laugh, why bother?

  • Actually, you might need one more thing -- if you like to play by the rules:

    Cornhole Game Rules

Essential cornhole supplies (and suppliers)

Because the cornhole toss game has become so popular so fast, you might have to search around for a quality supplier of cornhole game sets.

One supplier that we recommend is Victory Tailgate where you can find these top-quality and very colorful cornhole accessories:

Join the Fun!

It's easy to get started playing the super-fun new bean bag toss game -- whether it's at a tailgate party, at a picnic in the park, or in your own backyard.

Just be sure to get a top-quality cornhole game set that will last you for years to come.

Let's get tossing!

Cornhole Game Rules

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