Fun and Easy Baby Shower Games

No shower is complete without fun and easy baby shower games to play.


The prize balloon game is a great shower game to end your baby shower. If children are involved in the shower, be sure to have enough balloons so that they can play too. You can use the balloons as decorations too, or have a separate package of balloons designated for this game.

Before the baby shower, place a slip of paper into each balloon. The paper can be blank or could have baby-related sayings; however, one slip of paper should say, “Winner! Save this piece of paper for the last balloon to be sure only one is the winner. After putting the paper into the balloons, inflate each one.

At the end of the other easy baby shower games, each guest will select a balloon. The guests can take turns popping their balloons, or pop them all at once. The guest with the paper that says, “Winner,” will win the door prize. You may choose to have a bigger prize for this game since it will be played at the end of the party.


This shower game is similar to musical chairs, but has a bit of a twist. Before the baby shower, collect three baby bottles, two regular nipples and one sealed nipple. You can seal a nipple by holding it over a pot of boiling water on your stove. Fill the bottles with equal amounts of juice or water.


Printable Funny Baby Shower Games Pack

At the party, instruct all of your guests to sit in a circle for this one of the easy baby shower games. Pass out the bottles and explain that once the music starts, they should quickly pass the bottle to the person next to them. Decide on which direction your guests should pass so that there is less confusion.

Let the music play for a few minutes and, when it stops, the three guests left holding the bottle are now in a drinking contest to see who can empty her bottle first. The person with the sealed nipple may behave like real baby and throw a tantrum or bite the nipple when it does not work. Whichever guest finishes her bottle first wins a door prize. You should also give a prize to the person with the sealed nipple so she does not feel slighted.


Ready for one of the funniest easy baby shower games? For this one, give each guest a raw egg tied with a colored ribbon, or hard-boiled egg if you prefer. Explain to everyone that they must take care of the egg as if it were their baby. They may set the egg down but they must have the egg at the very end of the party. Toward the end of the party ask each guest to return their egg in exchange for a party favor. See how many people still have their egg or if they even remember where they set it down! Others may have named their egg and would prefer to keep it rather than receive a prize. The eggs make great conversation starters as people decide on names for their eggs, ask others to "baby-sit" and so on.


Give each person an index card and a pencil. Everyone is asked to write down one common baby question, such as "What do you do when a baby cries?" or "How do you get a baby to sleep through the night?" Then collect the cards and redistribute them face down so that no one can see the question. Have each person write the answer to their initial question on the blank side of their new card. Then read the cards and get ready to laugh! For example, you could have a card with the question, "How do you know you have folded a cloth diaper correctly?" on one side and the answer "When you get your first smile" on the other.


One of the most effective shower games for baby shower laughter is the baby food battle. Have guests separate into teams with one person as the “baby” and the other as the “mommy.” Ask the “baby” to sit down and have him or her sit on his or her hands. Hand a jar of baby food and a baby spoon to each “mommy” and instruct her to feed the “baby” the entire jar of food. The duo who finishes the jar first wins. This game also allows for endless photo opportunities.


For this one of the easy baby shower games, collect a baby photo from each guest and one of the mother, display them and have the guests try and pick which photo is the mother when she was a baby. For this shower game,invite all guests to mail or submit a baby photo of them prior to the baby shower. This makes prep work easier. If this is not possible then have each guest bring one in a sealed envelope. Once you have all of the photos place them on a board and number them. Then give each guest a piece of paper and ask them to pick the photo that they think is the mom-to-be.

If you want to make these easy shower games harder and involve more people, then number the photos from 1 to whatever. Then, on a piece of paper list the number and then make a column and list all the people who submitted photos. Now place the board with the photos in the front of the room and ask each person to step up so people can guess what baby picture goes with each adult. Once everyone has gone, score the results and the person with the most correct wins a prize.

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