Two Classic Fun Halloween Games

These two traditional fun Halloween games have stood the test of time!

Fill a large tub with water and several apples. The players must try to bite" into and "catch" and apple while holding their hands behind their backs. Don't forget to have some towels handy.

A traditional party game for kids. You'll need a large tub filled with water, and plenty of apples tipped in to bob around on the surface.

Each child tries to grab an apple with their mouth from the tub. It's messy, it's wet... so you might need to wrap a towel round their shoulders first, particularly if they're wearing a Halloween costume! You can dish out prizes for success, or just for effort! And if bobbing for the apples is a bit too hard for the smaller ones - why not get a net and let them fish for the apples?

Using string, hang mini or regular doughnuts from the ceiling or a tree.The object of the game is to be the first to eat the doughnut with out using your hands! Do not use powdered or cinnamon doughnuts. Plain is the safest for fun Halloween games!




Combine dressing up in costumes with free candy and you create a kid friendly holiday!

Although Halloween is a favorite holiday for children it does come with it's own unique dangers that all parents and caregivers should be mindful of. With a few basic safety measures your family can have a fun and safe celebration!


To ensure a safe Halloween, first plan your child's costume wisely. From masks to footwear all parts should be considered for comfort and safety.

* All Halloween costumes and accessories should be flame resistant - masks, capes, wigs, beards and hats. * Whenever possible try to avoid masks for children. Obstructed vision can easily lead to accidents. Make up is safer and more comfortable. However, if you choose to use a mask or child is begging for one.... they should be made with soft, comfortable material and allow for a full field of vision.

* It's really best to wear sneakers for trick-or-treating. They are comfortable and * Swords, knives, wands, etc. should have no sharp edges or points and preferably made with foam or cardboard.


* Children should be taught never to eat the candy they've received until you have carefully inspected it . * It's best to throw away unwrapped candy, homemade items and fruit. * Keep small candies from children under the age of five, it is a choking hazard.


When participating in the frenzied quest for candy kids can get injured. Most parents provide flashlights to avoid auto injuries but less serious accidents can also occur due to falling. * Make sure your child's costume is the correct length to avoid tripping during fun Halloween games. * Not only will a flashlight let drivers see your child but it will improve your child's visibility. * Walk on sidewalks, walkways, driveways and well lit streets only. * Attach a few strips of reflective tape to costumes.


Abduction is an ugly reality, but as parents we must take precautions to ensure the safety of our children. Never let a child trick-or-treat alone. Adults or older children should always be supervising. In our family we have rule that we only visit homes with decorations, jack-o-lanterns and neighbors we know.

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