More Halloween Games for Kids

Here are some more Halloween games for kids...

How Many ?

Fill a jar with Halloween candy, like candy corn and have each guest write down their best guess as to how many candies are in the jar. This is a good game to play at the beginning of the party, as guests filter in. Announce the winner at the end of the party--They win the jar! Try candy bars instead of candy corn - much tastier!

Cool Costume Parade

Let the kids show off their cool costumes with a game of follow the leader, while having a parade.

Treasure Hunt

Here's a simple and cool party game for kids. Hide small items like candy, toys, baby pumpkins around the yard and have the kids go hunting. –OR-Use a sandpit to hide plastic snakes, spiders, candy... or whatever captures your imagination for Halloween! Blindfold each child, either one-by-one or in a group and let them hunt away!

Mummy Wrap Relay

Divide the players into groups. I find groups of three or four work best. Each group needs a player that is the “mummy” and the other players are the “wrappers”Provide each group with a roll of toilet paper. The object of the game is to be the first group to wrap a mummy using the entire roll f tissue.

Monster Statues

Along the lines of Musical Statues, you'll need some fun Halloween music and some space for the kids to dance about in. Start the music and get the kids stomping about. When the music stops - the kids must freeze! If any of them move - they're out. Children that are out can help judge the next round.

Monster Tag

Something like the game of Tag, but with a Halloween Games for Kids twist. A scary monster races around trying to catch some victims!

Pick an area of your house or yard that is large enough to mark off a circle. You'll need to use some masking tape or rope to close in the circle as this will be the playing ground for your "monster". It goes without saying that you'll need to make the inside of the circle free of any objects that they might trip over or run into.

Toss a coin to pick the first "Monster". The monster wears a monster mask and monster hands. They also have a blindfold placed over their eyes, they aren't supposed to see. This is a hearing and touching game.

All players have to stay within the circle while the monster wanders around with their arms reaching out to catch the players. When the "monster" moans or growls, all the players must moan or growl back and extend their arms. This is how the "monster" finds his/her victims. When a player gets tagged, they becomes the next "monster" and gets to wear the mask.

Pin The Nose...

on the Jack-o-Lantern, Stem-on-the-Apple, Hat-on-the-Scarecrow, or a variation best suits your party theme. A classic kid party game with a Halloween twist.


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