MORE Halloween Kid Games

More Halloween Kid Games to Try...

Halloween Spiders Web

Children stand in a circle. A ball of yarn is thrown across to another child. The child holds on to a piece of the yarn and then throws the ball across to another child. Continue until a spider web is created.

Spider Relay

Divide children into teams. Set up a course for them to race on. Have first child of each team sit down, put their arms behind them and walk (AKA crab walk) to the end of the course and back. Tag the next child and repeat until all the teams finish.

The Yucky Box

Cut a hole in a box large enough, to reach in with your hand. The "Box Master" says that a "mad scientist left his experiment behind----one at a time place bowls of cold noodles, olives, slime...etc. for the player to feel -No looking!

The Great Popcorn Challenge

Set out bowls full of popcorn at one end of the room, empty bowls at another. Teams must transport the popcorn from the full bowl to empty, using a measuring cup. Note: popcorn is a choking hazard for children under three.

Trick or Treat

Before the party cut several strips of paper; about twice as many strips as there are children.Then on half of the strips write the word “treat”. On the other half write “trick” with a trick such as “hop on one foot”, “pat your head and rub your belly”.

Then place all of the strips in a bag. Have the children form a circle. Walk around the circle. Each player will draw a paper out of the bag and perform a trick or receive a treat such as a sticker, Halloween pencil or small piece of candy.

Walk the Fence

Make masking tape lines on the floor for each team. Divide the children into teams. Have the children walk backward on line of tape on floor. Go to end of tape, turn around and walk backward to team. First team finished wins.

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