Halloween Party Game Ideas

Looking for some cool Halloween party game ideas? We have some fun ones right here!

Eyeball Halloween Relay

Divide children into teams. Give the first child on each team a spoon and a ping pong ball. Set up the course to where they have to carry the "EYE" on the spoon to the end of the course and come back. Hand off to the next child and continue until all children have played on the team. First team done wins!

Food Relay

Place several choices of food on a plate at the end of a relay course. . Divide the children into teams. The first child in line must run to the table, choose a food item, eat it, swallow it, and race back to the line as fast as they can. The child tags the next in line and the race continues until all the children have eaten and raced. * Food suggestions: 1 piece of caramel, saltine cracker, large marshmallow, olive, several M&Ms, pickle, piece of cheese, carrot, and a hard boiled egg.

Ghost Recall

Place theme related items on a tray. Show the tray to the guests for a few seconds. Players write down or call out as many items as they can remember. Play this same game with a twist--Take an item away -can they recall what's missing?

Ghost Waiter

Divide children into teams. Set up a course for them to race on. The child has to balance a balloon on a paper plate while walking it down the course and back to their team.

How Many Words

Have the children write the words "Trick or Treat" on a piece of paper. Set a timer. See how many words they can make out of "Trick or Treat". Let children eat treats while they create the words. OR How Many Words...can you make from SCARECROW or JACK-O-LANTERN. For older kids only. Use a write-on wipe-off board for group play or distribute paper and pencils. This is one of the top Halloween party game ideas if for the classroom.


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