Halloween Party Games For Kids, Teens & Adults

Are you looking for Halloween party games for kids? Try these EASY PRINTABLE HALLOWEEN GAMES, all you need is a printer and blank paper!Its really couldn't be much easier! Or are you looking for SCOOBY-DOO COSTUMES (My girls favorites!) , or other fun activities? Whether you are hosting a holiday party for your kids at home, or helping with a classroom party, our holiday party ideas & kid-friendly party games, will ensure your little goblins will have a frighteningly good time. This website will make your party planning is so easy, you won't be spooked!Totally Costumes TotallyCostumes.com

I will promise to be the hit of any party. I find them to be the best online retailer of unique and original Halloween costumes for kids, adults, babies and even PETS I have a fantastic idea for edible Halloween party favors, Cookies in Bloom! October 31st is a fun holiday that lots of people start planning for weeks in advance, to make their event an awesome experience for the kids. Here you will find many games that work for young children, kids and adults.

These fun and easy-to-play Halloween party games for kids will make it a little more spooky. Include a few of these games when hosting a party at home or in the classroom. We've provided both active and quiet games to settle over excited goblins down before heading home.

These games give you the opportunity to introduce your child to the fun and traditions of Halloween - so enjoy!

For starters, it’s very easy to adapt more classic kid party games to Halloween.

You can start by taking inspiration from traditional favorites to come up with additional ideas for any type of holiday party games for kids, for example: • Pass the Parcel becomes Pass the Pumpkin • What's the Time Mister Wolf becomes What's the Time Mister Monster • Simon Says becomes Scary Susan Says...and so on.

And for a teen or adult halloween party game, a MURDER MYSTERY is a must! Click the link below for many, many, many choices!

Whether you are hosting a large corporate event or just looking for some dinner party ideas, whether you are looking for an adult holiday party, a teen party or a children's party, you have come to the right place. A MURDER MYSTERY IS THE BEST CHOICE, and I have found the largest collection here!

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Combine dressing up in costumes with free candy and you create a kid friendly holiday!

Although October 31st is a favorite holiday for children it does come with it's own unique dangers that all parents and caregivers should be mindful of. With a few basic safety measures your family can have a fun and safe celebration!


To ensure a safe and fun night, first plan your child's costume wisely. From masks to footwear all parts should be considered for comfort and safety.

* All holiday costumes and accessories should be flame resistant - masks, capes, wigs, beards and hats. * Whenever possible try to avoid masks for children. Obstructed vision can easily lead to accidents. Make up is safer and more comfortable.

However, if you choose to use a mask or child is begging for one.... they should be made with soft, comfortable material and allow for a full field of vision.

* It's really best to wear sneakers for trick-or-treating. They are comfortable and * Swords, knives, wands, etc. should have no sharp edges or points and preferably made with foam or cardboard.


* Children should be taught never to eat the candy they've received until you have carefully inspected it . * It's best to throw away unwrapped candy, homemade items and fruit. * Keep small candies from children under the age of five, it is a choking hazard.


When participating in the frenzied quest for candy kids can get injured. Most parents provide flashlights to avoid auto injuries but less serious accidents can also occur due to falling. * Make sure your child's costume is the correct length to avoid tripping. * Not only will a flashlight let drivers see your child but it will improve your child's visibility. * Walk on sidewalks, walkways, driveways and well lit streets only. * Attach a few strips of reflective tape to costumes.


Abduction is an ugly reality, but as parents we must take precautions to ensure the safety of our children. Never let a child trick-or-treat alone. Adults or older children should always be supervising. In our family we have rule that we only visit homes with decorations, jack-o-lanterns and neighbors we know.

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