Ice Breaker Games

Ice Breaker Games for Parties and Gatherings

When you are in charge of a gathering, your mission is to ensure that no one is left out and feels uncomfortable. There are some great icebreaker ideas and icebreaker party games for every situation, whether its a company party, a sleepover or a holiday party. Games-for-all reasons has a whole list of icebreakers and games you can play at a party to break the ice and get everyone mingling.

Using ice breaker games isn’t just another trendy idea. Everyone has been to a party or gathering where many of the people don’t know each other but feel obligated to talk. It’s even more awkward when a few people in the group know each other well and break off into small, cliquish groups. And usually the host is too busy to give everyone a proper introduction.

So, don’t just accept the awkward silence and conversational stops and starts that develop in such situations. Consider using some of the ice breaker games that can pave the way to interesting one-on-one conversations or even to engage an entire group. Think the ideas might be awkward or silly? It all comes down to appropriateness. The icebreaker you choose certainly depends on the situation. What’s appropriate at a small house gathering wouldn’t translate to a semi-formal business gathering. The great news is that there are ice breaker games for all reasons here.


Take a beach ball and inflate it, then use a permanent marker to write icebreaker questions (about 80) on the beach ball. While you sit around in a circle, toss it from person to person a few times. Each time a person catches the ball, he must state his name, read the question that his/her right thumb lands on, and then answer it. These questions can be as personal as you want them to be, or as silly as you want them to be. Some examples of good icebreaker questions are:

* Who is your hero? * What are you afraid of? * What three adjectives describe your perfect kiss?


Each guest is given a lei to wear around their neck. The object of the game is to have conversations with people and make them say YES. Should one person catch another saying the word 'YES', they can take a lei from that guest. The person at the end of the party with the most leis wins!


Everyone should sit in a circle for this game and take off their shoes. They then tie them together in pairs, and toss them into the center of the circle.

Whoever goes first picks a pair of shoes and introduces them based on their appearance, saying something like: “Whoever owns these shoes likes the color purple.” Then whoever owns the shoes takes the shoes back and introduces his or herself. This person then picks a pair of shoes and makes an introduction about them, until all the shoes are gone and everyone has introduced themselves.


Find the Sniper before they kill you! Everyone gets in a circle so they can see everyone. Place the Popsicle sticks in the center of the circle, and have everyone take one. Explain that one stick has a dot- which signifies that whoever gets it is the Sniper. Only look at your own stick! The sniper kills you by winking. Everyone has to look around to find the sniper. Once you are winked at, call out "I'm dead" and move back out of the circle. No one can wink but the sniper. If you think that you've found the sniper, then call them out. If your right then you've won the ice breaker game, and if not, your dead and out!


Groups must pass a key along a string which runs in and around the groups legs, arms, waists etc. Needed: Long string and 2 keys Rules: Everyone gets into 2 even groups and stands in a circle (one for each team). Each team is then given a very long piece of string (25 to 50 feet) and asked to weave it in and out of the their arms and legs and waists etc. The strings for each team should be the same length. String should be threaded through at least one belt loop of each player if they have them. Then the person at each end is given a key. The key is then raced to get to the other end by being weaved in and out of peoples clothes etc. First team done wins!