Jump-Rope Rhymes F-M

Found a Peanut

Found a peanut, found a peanut Found a peanut last night. Last night I found a peanut Found a peanut, last night . It was rotten, it was rotten , It was rotten last night . Last night it was rotten It was rotten last night Ate it anyway, ate it anyway Ate it anyway last night. Last night I ate it anyway . Ate it any way last night. Got a tummy ache, got a tummy ache Got a tummy ache last night. Last night, I got a tummy ache Got a tummy ache, last night Went to the hospital, went to the hospital Went to the hospital last night. Last night I went to the hospital Went to the hospital last night Died anyway, died anyway Died anyway, last night. Last night ,I died anyway Died anyway, last night .


Fudge, fudge, call the judge (name) is having a baby, Her boyfriends going crazy, How many babies will she have,1,2,3,4.... What kind of babies will she have, boy, girl, twin, triplets What will their names be? (Start with a name that starts with A and continue thru the alphabet, until they miss.) Apples on a stick , Apples on a stick make me sick, Make my stomach go two-forty-six Not because I'm dirty, Not because I'm clean Just because I kissed a boy behind the magazines Girls, girls, have some fun Here comes __________ (name of girl jumping rope) with a mini skirt on. She can wibble, she can wobble, she can do the splits But I betcha five bucks she can't do this: (Girl jumping has to do the following:) Close her eyes and count to ten: 1,2,3,4, (and so on until she either misses or counts to ten) (If she gets to ten then she runs out of the jump-rope,jump-ropes)

I Asked My Mother

I asked my mother for fifty cents To see the elephant jump the fence. He jumped so high he touched the sky, And never came back till the Fourth of July (Kids should try to jump-rope higher and higher as the song is sung.)

I'm a Little Dutch Girl

I'm a little Dutch girl Dressed in blue. Here are the things. I like to do: Salute to the captain, Bow to the queen, Turn by back On the submarine. I can do the tap dance, I can do the split, I can do the holkie polkie Just like this!

I Went Downtown

I went downtown To see Ms. Brown, She gave me a nickel To buy a pickle, The pickle was sour, So I bought a flower. The flower was dead, she gave me a tack. The tack was sharp, she gave me a harp. The harp was broke, she gave me a cloak. The cloak was tight, she gave me a kite. The kite away flew, and I did too. (If more than one child is in the jumprope, one can run out at this time.) Johnny got a lickin Down by the river, down by the sea Johnny broke a bottle and blamed it on me I told Ma, Ma told Pa Johnny got a lickin' so ha, ha, ha How many lickin's did he get? 1,2,3,4,5, (and so on...)

K-I-S-S-I-N-G ( a girl's name )and(a boy's name) sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G First comes love, Then comes marriage Then comes ________(girl's name) with a baby carriage Suckin her thumb, and wettin her pants and doing the hula, hula dance. How many children will they have? (Continue to count until someone trips on the jump-rope)

Little Sports Car 2-4-8

Had a little sports car 2-4-8, went around the Coooooooooorner! (hold "corner" while skipper jumps out, runs around the turning jump-rope and jumps back in) Slammed on the brakes. Police man stopped me; put me on his knee, Asked me a silly question, will you marry me, Yes no maybe so (until the person makes a mistake)

Little Sports Car 968

Had a little sports car nine-sixty-eight went around the cooooooooooorner! hold "corner" while skipper jumps out, runs around the turning the jumprope and jumps back in) Slammed on the breaks, but the breaks didn't work So I, bumped into a lady bumped into a man, bumped into a policeman man-o-man! Policeman caught me ,put me in jail ,and all I had was ginger ale! How many bottles did I have? 2,4,6,8.....(turn jump-rope very fast)

Mailman Variation #1

Mailman, mailman, do your duty, here comes Miss American Beauty. She can do the can-can, she can do the splits, but most of all she can kiss-kiss-kiss! K...I...S...S... (on each letter the child moves his or her feet more and more outward, doing better and better splits. the first one to fall loses)

Mailman Variation #2

Mailman, mailman, Do your duty Here comes Miss American Beauty. She can do the pom-pom (move arms like cheer-leader) she can do the splits, (bend down to touch both toes) but most of all, she can kiss kiss kiss, (clap hands with partner) with her red.. hot.. lips. K.. I .. S.. S (move feet apart further outward with each letter. First person to trip on the jump-rope loses.)

Mailman Variation #2

Mail man, Mail man, due your duty, Here comes a lady with a big fat booty, But I bet ya five dollars she can't do this. Lady on 1 foot, 1 foot Lady on 2 feet, 2 feet (You keep saying the amount of body parts need, say for instance 1 foot, you would hop on 1 foot, then for four feet, you would touch your hands to the ground, and jump)

Minnie Minnie Haha

Minnie Minnie ha ha, went to see her Papa Papa died, Minnie Minnie cried Minnie had a baby ,named it tiny tim , put him in the bathtub and taught him how to swim Drank all the water, Ate all the soap, Died the next morning with a bubble in his throat Minnie called the doctor, the doctor called the nurse The nurse called the lady with the alligator purse Mumps said the doctor measles said the nurse Dead said the lady with the alligator purse

Miss Blackwell

Oh no, here comes Miss Blackwell with her big black stick Now it’s time for arithmetic One plus one is? (jumper responds) Two Two plus two is? (jumper responds) Four Four plus four is? (jumper responds) Eight Eight plus eight is? (jumper responds) Sixteen Now its time for spelling Spell cat. (jumper responds) C-A-T Spell dog. (jumper responds) D-O-G Spell hot. (jumper responds) H-O-T

(When the jumper finishes spelling HOT swing the jump-rope as fast as possible till they mess up.)

Miss Lucy

Miss Lucy had a baby And she named him Tiny Tim. She put him in the bathtub To see if he could swim. He drank up all the water. He ate up all the soap. He tried to eat the bathtub But it wouldn't go down his throat. Miss Lucy called the doctor, Miss Lucy called the nurse. Miss Lucy called the lady with the alligator purse. Out went the doctor, out went the nurse, Out went the lady with the bubble in her purse!

Miss Suzy

Miss Suzy had a steamboat The steamboat had a bell Miss Suzy went to heaven The steamboat went to Hello operator Please give me number nine If you disconnect me I'll kick you from Behind the refrigerator there was a piece of glass Miss Suzy sat upon it and cut her little Ask me no more questions Tell me no more lies The boys are in the bathroom zipping up their Flies are in the meadow The bees are in the park Miss Suzy and her boyfriend are kissing in the Dark is like a movie A movie's like a show A show is like a TV screen And that is all I know

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