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There is something about kids party games that make a party really special. Kids love birthday parties even before they really understand what they are. And what's not to love about, friends, and family and excitement? Some people thrive on the planning, decorating, and hosting, others want to make the event as fuss-free as possible.

So, you’re hosting a Birthday Party or Event for lots of kids and you need party games and activities. No matter what your party theme, here are plenty of game ideas to help you get started. Having a variety of games on hand helps you cater to your audience. Games for kids under 6 should be simple and fun. For kids 7 – 10, you want silly and fun cool games. Once you get past 11, whether or not to have games may depend on the group, so drop in brain teasers and more challenging games,like a scavenger hunt or a murder mystery.

Games-for-all-Reasons has a wonderful collection party game ideas for any kind of party. Need some creative party games? We've got hundreds of great party game ideas for little kids and big kids.

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