Try These Outdoor games That Parents and Grandparents Used to Play.

When I was a kid, we played outdoor games all the time. "Go outside and play", my parents would say. We were sent out in the yard in the morning and brought in at night, like cats, when the street lights came on.

To fight boredom, we played every game we could think of, from TAG , to Chinese jump-rope, to DODGEBALL, MARBLES & BLOODY MURDER . We also invented many variations of each and invented some of our own.

Kids these days just seem to spend much of their free time on computers and video games, like PlayStation, Gameboy and Wii, instead of just playing in the yard or neighborhood with other children.

Most experts these days, will tell you that kids need more exercise and physical activity. These classic playground and school games are just what the doctor ordered, and besides that, they're a lot of fun.

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and other scavenger hunt games that will get them up and off the couch!

Here are a few examples of outdoor games you will find within this website. Dig deep, there are many great group and outdoor games for the playground, gym, or schoolyard here. ENJOY!


Kickball is a great casual outdoor game for various ages and skill levels. Like baseball, the rules are simple, and the game can be played by anyone who can kick a ball and run.

~Choose a level area of play large enough for fly balls, and a diamond with four bases. ~Mark four bases (one of them "Home") an equal distance apart. ~Divide players into two teams. Decide who will kick first. ~Choose as many of these positions as you have players (in order of importance to the game): pitcher, first baseman, third baseman, second baseman, roaming shortstop, one to three outfielders, team catcher (can make plays at the plate). ~"Bat" by kicking a ball that the pitcher rolls toward Home plate. A pitch that misses the plate is a ball. A missed kick is a strike. Bat until you connect for a hit or get 3 strikes. Walks (4 balls) are not counted. Alternatively, play a more active game without balls and strikes. ~Run after you kick the ball. If you get to the base before someone tags you out, you are safe and can remain on the base.


Dodgeball is that lovable outdoor game played by children where the object is to hit other players with a dodgeball, eliminating them from the game and bringing the shooter that much closer to victory.

~You split up the balls between the teams. ~The players can only go up to the center line or they are out. ~The players throw the balls and try to hit the other team's players. ~If they catch the ball, the person who threw it is out. ~If someone throws the ball and it hits a player in the head, the player who threw it is out. ~If the ball bounces or hits the wall, it can't get people out until some one throws it again. ~If a player catches a ball the other team threw, the team that caught it makes one of their players back in play.

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