Kids Party Games


Party games are fun, for this game you'll need some suitable music as well as enough chairs for everyone.

Arrange chairs in pairs facing outwards in a line. One less chair than the number of children playing. The music starts and the little ones start moving around the chairs - they can dance or just walk very carefully!

When the music stops, they have to try and sit down. The child who doesn't find a chair to sit on is "out". It's a good idea to have a consolation sweet handy to give the child who is out! The game continues until there is only one chair and two children left. The winner sits on the last remaining chair.


A classic kids party game.

Wrap a gift in many layers. If there are seven children playing, you'll need to wrap the gift seven or eight times! Use as much or as little sticky tape as you like, less for younger children. Party music needed for this game.

Seat the children in a circle and start the music. The children slowly pass the parcel around. When the music stops, the child holding the parcel takes one layer of wrapping off. Then the music starts again. This is a great party game!

Give each child a chance to unwrap a layer of paper. To make the game more interesting, put a favor in each layer! The winner is the child who takes off the final layer of giftwrap.


You'll need a big bag of clothes for this game. You could gather together dressing up clothes from other parents for firefighter/cowboy/princess items, as well as using

• hats, gloves, and scarves • coats and old shoes • shirts, baggy t-shirts • How about that collection of old dance and recital outfits!

The children stand in a circle, the music starts - and the bag needs to be passed round the circle. When the music stops, the child holding the bag has to take something out and put it on.

The game continues until all the items have been used. The winner is the person wearing the most clothes. Let them wear the clothes for another kids party game, or just put some dance music on and tell the children to dance for two minutes in their new outfits!

MOTHER MAY I? (also known as Captain May I)

This party game is a simple childhood action game that might be good for reinforcing the use of manners. One person is chosen as the “mother” (or “captain” if it is a male). She or he stands facing away from a line of kids and selects a child at random, or in order. The mother/captain calls out a direction, step type, and number of steps. For example, the mother/captain can say: “Scott, you may take seven (or any other number)’ baby/normal/giant steps forward/backward.” The child then responds with “Mother may I?” (or “Captain may I?” if it is a male player in charge). The mother/captain states “Yes” or “No”, depending on her whim, and the child obeys and takes the steps. If the child forgets to ask “Mother may I?” then he/she goes back to the beginning of the line. The first one to touch the Mother/Captain wins and becomes the new Mother/Captain. An alternate version of the game is similar: each child takes turns asking, “Mother/Captain may I take [x kind of] steps?” The child who is mother (or captain) replies yes or no. There are other kinds of steps possible for this game - be creative and come up with your own.

For example, there are: • Bunny hops: hopping like a bunny. • Frog hops: going down on all fours and hopping up like a frog. • Scissors steps: jump while crossing your feet, then jump while uncrossing them was one step. • Skip steps: steps as though one is skipping. • Banana step: the child lies down with his or her feet at current spot, noting where the top of his or her head is, and standing up there for the new spot.


You can make a large picture of a donkey and attach it to a wall. Prepare a tail made of string or wool or fabric. Use sticky - tac or tape to stick on the tail.

Have a blindfold ready - a large handkerchief or a scarf will do nicely. Blindfold a child (the birthday boy or girl can go first), spin them round three times and point them in the direction of the donkey.

Write the name of the child on the spot where they "pinned" the tail. Each child can have a go, the winner being the one who put the tail nearest to where that tail should be! For themed parties, this kids' party game could be easily adapted.


While the music is playing, the children have to move about, dancing, impersonating animals or pretending to do a certain activity.

When the music stops, they have to stand as still as a statue. The "judge" finds someone who is moving a tiny bit - and that someone is out! The odd occasion there may be nobody out! The winner is the last child left.



You can use a thimble, or something else that is fairly small. The guests leave the room while one child hides the thimble somewhere visible but not necessarily obvious.

Then the other children come back into the room, and try to find the thimble. The first one to spot it gets a turn to hide


You could have an adult be Mister - or Mrs - Wolf for the first round. As this is a chasing game, you'll need enough room for your guests to run - so this game could be played outside.

Mister Wolf stands at one end of the room. The children stand in a group at the other end of the room. Slowly moving towards the wolf, they start to shout "What's the time Mister Wolf?" If Mister Wolf says "one o'clock!" or "six o'clock", the children can continue. But if the wolf shouts "Dinner time!" they had better start to run - as Mister Wolf will chase them! The child that is "tagged" gets to be Mister Wolf for the next round.


The child who is Simon stands in front of everybody and gives various commands, such as "Simon says, jump up and down!". If he doesn't say "Simon says" then the children must not do the action. If they do they are out. The last child remaining is the winner, and can have a turn at being Simon.


The usual version of this kids' party game involves preparing a tray with a number of items on it (cup, saucer, spoon, torch, pen, ball of string etc), and getting the guests to memorize the items before covering the tray with a cloth and asking the guests to write a list of everything they remember.

Everybody has to look carefully at the objects. Then everybody must turn around and shut their eyes. An adult - or a child - takes one object off the table. "Ready!!" Then everybody turns round and looks to see what's missing.

The first child to spot what's missing gets to remove the next item. Replace each item after each go. At the end of the game, get all the children to turn away and close their eyes. Remove everything from the table into a bag. Then all the children turn round and as a group try and remember every item that was on the table.

That way, everybody wins!


All the kids sit in a circle. Start the game by saying "I went to the shops and I bought a banana.". The next child has to add to the list - "I went to the shops and I bought a banana and some bread.". And so the game continues.


Clear a space for this game! The children line up behind a "leader" who will then walk, hop, jump, turn around, crawl, pretend to be an animal or whatever takes their fancy! The others have to copy.

Change the leader every 10 seconds or so until everyone has had a go! You could finish your kids party games with this one as everyone falls into an exhausted heap!