Teens will love these fun party themes!

Mall & Movie Madness

Every preteen and teen girl loves going to the mall and the movies with her friends! Combine a trip to these routine hang-out spots with lunch to create an extra special outing and party theme for your daughter and 2 or 3 of her best girlfriends. First, take them to the mall, give them each $20 or an amount of your choosing, and turn them loose to shop or just bop the mall together for a few hours. Have everyone regroup later on for lunch at your daughter’s favorite restaurant, followed by a movie of the girls’ choosing.

Girls' Night Out Party Theme

Rent two hotel rooms next door to each other—one for the parents and the other for your guests. Before the party, decorate the girls’ hotel room with a banner, twists of streamers, balloons, and other party decorations. Once the room is prepped, you can go back out, pick up your guests one-by-one, and let their anticipation build as you head toward the “secret” destination, or you can have the girls’ parents drop them off at the hotel at a set time. Either way, the girls will love having a sleepover party in their own private room!

Depending on the amenities of the hotel you’ve chosen, early-evening entertainment might include swimming in the hotel’s pool, playing games in a recreation room, or enjoying other activities the hotel offers, such as karaoke. Later, once the girls are back in their room, they can stay up late playing games, listening to music and dancing, watching movies, snacking, giving each other makeovers, gossiping, putting safe, non-permanent henna tattoos on each other, or even having a bubble gum competition to see who can blow the biggest bubble without popping it. The girls will have a blast no matter what entertainment they choose… and the best part is that mom and dad don’t have to clean up the mess in the morning!

The Spa Party Theme

Prepare your spa activities in stations, with a helper at each station; nails, facials, foot soaks, make-up and hair. To make things less hectic, limit the activity stations to three. Be sure to have a fresh washcloth and hand towel for each guest. Depending on the age of the girls, you may want to include traditional spa treatments with face masks with cucumber slices placed on the eyes. Serve refreshing spa water; chilled water, lime and cucumber.

Upon arrival, provide each guest with a lightweight smock/robe and headband/hair tie, to keep hair away from their face. Until all of the guests arrive, provide a large sheet of poster board and markers for the girls to create a giant card for the birthday girl.

Once everyone has arrived, you can divide the girls up to begin the "spa rotation" moving from station to station. If you are using face masks, allow the girls to do this all at once. Apply the face mask, lay into a circle on the floor and place cucumber slices on their eyes...Ahhh so relaxing!

Still more party themes...

Super Model Party Theme

Invite potential supermodels to the party well in advance. The girls will need plenty of time to burn up the phone lines planning their wardrobes. Each girl should bring two of her favorite outfits to model at the party. Remind everyone to include accessories to share with friends. What should you do about a modeling ramp? Make one, from several yards of red fabric fabric! Buy approximately 30 feet if you can accommodate a long runway. The girls will love dancing down the red carpet. You can unroll the fabric outside if the weather cooperates, or slide the living room furniture to one side of the room and set the ramp up in the vacant space for an indoor show.

Enlist the help of a willing husband or friend to act as the Master of Ceremonies. While your helper MCs the fashion show, you'll snap pictures of the girls posing at the end of the runway. To make a microphone for your MC, cover the bristles of a round brush with foil.

After a whirlwind photo session and pounding the ramp, the models will crave food and drink. Buy plastic champagne glasses and fill them with sparkling soda. The girls will love celebrating a successful show by savoring faux champagne at their wrap party. To stave off hunger, order or make the ultimate party-girl food: pizza. Also, bake a rectangle cake and decorate it like a camera or make cupcakes and cover them with white frosting and silver and gold candy sprinkles.

Don't forget music. Ask your child for musical suggestions that will create an upbeat, party mood. She may already own appropriate tapes or CDs, or she can borrow music from a friend. Create a dressing room so the girls can primp before hitting the runway. Provide amenities like brushes, hand-held mirrors, hair spray, assorted hair clips and barrettes. Add inexpensive perfume and make-up, of course.

Showtime: Print out a questionnaire for the girls to fill out when they arrived at the party. Include questions about outfits, school grade, favorite class, subject, color, hobbies and sports interests. The MC should use the questionnaires to rave about the supermodels during the fashion show.

Your MC might say, "Stunning Lily is in the 6th grade and attends Amvet Boulavard School. She likes Pussycat Dolls, dancing and a cute boy in her Music class. She's wearing a button down silk blouse and pink mini-skirt with thigh high black basic boots.

After the girls answer their questions, usher them into the dressing room. Give them plenty of time to primp. Crank up the music to let the models know that the fashion show is about to begin. Once the girls are lined up and ready, have the MC announce the first supermodel.

The girls will love dancing & pirouetting down the ramp and swooning for the camera. Have each girl pose at the end of the ramp for a photo or two. The MC should announce "It's a wrap!" when the girls finish modeling. Send the announcer to a nearby 1-hour photo lab to develop the film while the supermodels celebrate their successful fashion show. The girls will feast on pizza and cake, sip sparkling champagne, make a picture frame, and before they know it, the pictures will be back.

Fortune Telling Party Theme

Hire a palm reader or have an adult dress like a gypsy and have their palms read. Also use tarot cards to learn to tell fortunes. Serve fortune cookies. For party favors give bangles, moon and star items. Teen girls are sure to love this party theme!

Harry Potter Party Theme

Kids, teens and even adults have been bitten by the “Harry Potter” bug. Whether they enjoy the books, the movies, or both, they have been following the adventures of Harry, Ron, Hermione and all their friends for many years. So why not let them celebrate their birthday with this popular party theme?

A costume party is a great way to set the mood of this party theme. If there are several Dumbledores, Rons or Harrys around…that will just add to the fun. Have a costume contest where the guests do the voting! They can only vote for one person, but it cannot be for themselves! At the end of the night, count up the votes and announce the winner! A paper back copy would be a great prize.

Next, how about a rousing game of quidditch? Although you won’t be able to fly, you can do a version that the teens will get a kick out of. Holding a broom between their legs, they must carry the “Golden Snitch” (which is a ping pong ball painted gold) through an obstacle course balanced on a wooden spoon without it falling off. Each team should have an equal number of members, and the team who actually gets the snitch over the finish line the most times wins!

After the quidditch, why not sit down with some pizza & pumpkin juice and have some Harry Potter Trivia? You can look up all the unusual facts about Hogwarts and the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There are also many available board games based on the Harry Potter series, like Mystery at Hogwarts and several Harry Potter Trivia games. Set up a wide variety of games around the house and allow your teen and his or her friends to play at their leisure.

And for dessert, Jelly Belly brand jelly beans have created a variety call “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans”. Have them available for an anytime snack.

(The jelly beans can be made into a game! Just fill up a jar and then remove. Count how many are inside and have guests try to figure out just how many are inside. The one closest wins the jar!)

To end you party, you can always pop some popcorn and have a “Harry Potter”-A-Thon! With 4 movies out to date, your teen and their friends will certainly not be bored!

The Lord of the Rings Party Theme

From the mind of JRR Tolkien comes the popular trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”. This series of books has been enjoyed by teens for years, and now it has been made into highly acclaimed series of Big Screen movies! Following the adventures of Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, and the wizard Gandalf, the Lord of the Rings has a lot to offer. So, why not make this well-known and liked series the theme for your next teen’s birthday party?

Having the guests come in costume is a great way to set the scene. You may have many of the teens arriving as Aragorn or another of the ‘human’ characters, but in all likelihood you will have a few going all out and dressing as a wizard or a hobbit. Have a costume contest where the guests do the voting! They can only vote for one person, but it cannot be for themselves! At the end of the night, count up the votes and announce the winner! The prize could be a paperback copy of one of the Lord of the Rings books, or a copy of “The Hobbit”, which predates and begins the whole adventure.

Then you can break into a round or two of board games like “Lord of the Rings Risk” and “Lord of the Rings Monopoly” If you want to create your own game, have cards of “Lord of the Rings” trivia made before the party begins. Split the guests into two teams and the team with the most correct answers wins! “Lord of the Rings” charades is also a fun party game for teens.

As far as party food goes, why not have a cookout, just like the characters would? You can have regular BBQ stuff, like hot dogs, burgers and corn on the cob and serve it up on “Lord of the Rings” party supplies.

To end you party, you can always pop some popcorn and have a movie marathon! You can find the theatre versions or the extended releases! If planning on watching more than one, have plenty of drinks and additional snacks available, as the teens will be watching for a long time!

Still more party themes for teens...................

Basketball Party Theme

Sports are a great party theme for a birthday party, that boys and girls will love. And a basketball themed party will sure peak their interest. The first thing you can do at a basketball party is give every guest a jersey. Even if they aren’t “official”, you can make them out of inexpensive T-Shirts and iron-ons. Put the guest’s last name and their favorite number on the back of the jersey, and then a symbol for your party on the front! Once the party is over, the guests can take these jerseys home as a party favor.

After everyone has a jersey to wear, you can break out the basketballs and hoops! Ask your friends and family to find additional hoops and basketballs for your party. The guests can have a great time trying to sink the ball from all different angles and distances.

Once all the guests have had some shooting practice, you let your teens make teams and have a mini game. Older kids do not require as much organizational structure for their parties, and generally this is a great time to let the kids do their own thing outside at the basketball court.

Food at a basketball party can follow those food items that are normally served at a game. Soda, peanuts, hot dogs, soft pretzels, pizza, and ice cream can all be served at a party with this theme. When you go to make or order your cake, make sure to create a round, multi-layer cake that you can decorate to look just like a basketball! After the cake, the guests can break open an piñata that looks like a basketball! Candy is always a popular piñata treat, no matter what age you are!

If your guests are staying later into the evening, you could pick a great basketball-themed movie to show.

Football Party Theme

In the Fall, football season begins! Teens look forward to watching the games on television and attending or playing in high school events! It is not uncommon to see groups of teens in the yard playing touch football. A football theme might just work to peak your teens interest for their next birthday party.

When the guests arrive, have a jersey for everyone to wear. Buy nice iron on letters and numbers, and the guests can iron on their name and favorite number on the back. Whether they are on the high school football team or not, a personalized jersey will be a welcome addition to any teen’s wardrobe.

Now you can move to the outdoor activities. Showing off their skill with the football will be big with the boys, so set up a group of tires with varying size openings. Standing at a certain point, have the guests can attempt to throw the football through the various tires. Give out a grand prize (maybe a football?) to the person to get the football through the smallest tire first. A few small consolation prizes will ensure that no one goes away disappointed.

If you have a big enough outside area, things can quickly move into a full blown touch football game. Split the group into two equal teams and start the game!

Once you are done with the activities outside, it is time to cool off and have some refreshments. First on the menu can be Gatorade, served out of those bright orange Gatorade coolers. Then you can move to popular concession stand items such as soft pretzels, hot dogs, popcorn, nachos and ice cream sandwiches! For dessert, you can have an extra large cake shaped just like a football!

Once refreshments have been consumed, the guests can split into teams again for an exciting game of National Football League Monopoly or Pro Football’s Extreme Gameday Trivia!

Now that the party is winding down, you can have the guests gather around your television for some true entertainment. “Remember the Titans”, “The Replacements”, “Necessary Roughness”, “Rudy” and “The Waterboy” are just a few popular titles.

Rock Band Party Theme

Rock Band is just about the most fun you can have without starting your own real band. A cult hit, Rock Band has gathered a dedicated following with everyone from video game lovers to former video game phobes. And why not? When you have the chance to be Bob Dylan, Linkin Park, Metallica,Def Leppard Duran Duran or the Smashing Pumpkins for a night, it's a chance you cannot turn down. Rock Band is one of those games that is best played in groups, making it the perfect all-night party game. If you love to rock out as much as we do, try throwing a Rock Band themed party for your next event.

Create your own backstage rock band candy bar spread. There are always rumors of musicians making bizarre backstage food demands, so here's your chance to create your personal rock star candy wonderland. Such as a few large bags of M&Ms. Sort the different colored M&Ms out into separate containers in true rock star form. Different types of water, soda, lemonade and energy drinks make sure to line each type up carefully as if it were perfectly placed on display in their backstage dressing room.

A cheese and cracker display is also a must for any backstage dressing room. Also, Pop Rocks and rock candy are perfectly on theme, making them a great pick for the candy bar. Display oversized lollipops by burying their sticks in a flower vase filled with rock salt or rock candy.

Movie Marathon Party Theme

Having a movie marathon party theme puts two things together that teens enjoy - their friends and a night at the movies! You can wrap an additional party theme around your party, especially for birthdays near a special event, such as Halloween or Christmas. Or really, any number of themes will work just as long as there are some movies that have been made about the theme you choose. You could choose anything from Dolphins to Spiderman! Movie marathons make great sleepover birthdays, since showing two or more movies in one night, plus all the celebrations tied into the party, take several hours at least. If you do plan this party as a sleepover, make sure you mention to the guests that they will need their sleeping bags. And if the movies will show later into the night, set up a secondary sleep location adjacent to where the movies are playing for the kids who are tired and can't stay awake 'til the end of the double feature.

Food that would be popular for a movie marathon party theme would be pizza, or any other fast food that teenagers enjoy. A giant submarine from the sub shop would be a great choice as well. For the birthday cake, get one decorated at the bakery with a big film strip across the center with the birthday teen's name inside the strip.

Survivor Party Theme

Any fan of Survivor Panama, Palau, China, Samoa, or the other seasons will enjoy this island survival party theme. In each episode of the show Survivor, teams and individual survivors are pitted against each other in games of skill, smarts, or endurance.

Here are ideas for Survivor challenges, fun for guests at a party with a Survivor party theme, that would make host TV Jeff Probst proud. For all games, divide guests into "tribes" that are manageable in size. Give each tribe its own color and name. On Survivor, contestants wear colored "buffs." Buffs can be purchased online or can be made using a variety of bandannas that can be purchased at any craft store.

I'm At the End Of My Rope game(AKA the spider web game- which is a great Halloween party game!): Set up before guests arrive. Take a large roll of heavy string and cut it into long, long sections of equal length. Be sure to tie the starting end of the string to something stable, so it wouldn't get lost, a tree truck or porch rung always works well. One at a time , begin weaving the strings around, under, over and through different obstacles. In the end, the area set up for the game should look like a giant spider web sort of thing, with each teams' strings crossing each other. To play the game, each team takes the beginning of a string. The object is to follow one's own team string, rolling it up as one goes, weaving through the maze of obstacles, competitors and other strings to the end of the trail. This can be played in relays of groups of two people holding hands, or as individuals, with a whistle being blown every minute to change team members.

Sling Shot Game- You can hang hula hoops from tree branches or carefully prop them up. Contestants catapult water balloons at the target with slingshots. The team that scores the most points wins.

Baseball Party Theme

Take your guests to a minor league baseball game. The tickets should cost about as much as movie tickets, making this a very affordable outing and party theme. Add to the fun before the game by making your own “team jerseys” using plain white T-shirts and fabric paint. You can also talk to the team’s booster club ahead of time to see if your group can meet some of the players after the game. If you can arrange this, bring along a baseball for each guest so that they can get some of the players’ signatures after the game.

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