Fun swimming pool games to play at your pool party!

These fun swimming pool games to play at your next pool party are just the thing for a hot summer day.

Whether the celebration is meant for adults or children, you can plan a pool party that can range from a relaxing lounge by the water, to a fun night of music, dancing, eating, and enjoying cocktails poolside with friends. Pool parties are easy to plan, all you need food, pool party games and friends.

Either way, you will find fun outdoor games for kids, teens and adults here. You don't need a pool for all of them, some are awesome games to play with water balloons!

But for sure, the two games that should be played at every pool party is volleyball & a Cannonball contest. Its easy to set up a net across the middle of your pool to play water volleyball, and having a cannonball contest to see who can splash water the furthest outside of the pool, is simple and easy. The winner can win a pool-related prize, like a squirt gun, pool floatie, or a koozie!

Last-minute ideas

A few,quick, last minute swimming pool games to play are, Marco Polo, especially for children. This game of in-pool tag requires nothing else but energy and a loud voice. Make sure that children are good swimmers before letting them leave the shallow end of the pool.

Have swimming relay races with guests divided up in teams. Make the race interesting by having teams make up their own swim strokes and rules. Make sure to have prizes for the winning team.

Plan a treasure hunt. Buy cheap toys or trinkets that are sinkable and throw them into the pool. Give guests a set amount of time to dive for treasure, which they will be able to keep for their own. Keep the playing field fair by grouping treasure hunters by age or swimming ability levels.

You could also purchase a wide variety of floating games for your pool party. Choose floating golf, table tennis, or basketball games that can be enjoyed by all ages, whether alone or in teams.

Whatever the case, you will find all sorts of swimming pool games to play right here. And don't forget, water safety comes first! Having many kids in your pool, also requires many adult eyes.


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