Everybody remembers some classic rhymes from the playground.

Rhymes. Do you have a childhood memory of playing with other children and jumping rope or counting to those age-old funny songs and chants? Do you wish you could remember the rules or lyrics? This impressive collection(which will grow every day) includes all of your old traditional favorites with some newer versions that I will get with the help of my kids!)

Here you will find many songs, chants, jingles and rhymes used in the playground and in other outdoor activities for kids.

Included are jingles for jump rope, clapping, skipping, ball-bounces, & chants to who starts.

All right, you've heard the news. Doctor's are complaining about the way so many kids are overweight these days. Well, what do they expect when the life style we all have today is all about sitting! Sitting in school all day, sitting on our way through the fast food drive-thru.... and sitting around at home in front of the TV or computer. And that doesn't help our body develop strength, coordination, endurance, or a slimmer shape.

So c'mon, let's get off our duff and move that body! And nothing gets us to move our body better than doing stuff we think is fun.

When it comes to workouts for kids, it's hard to beat jump rope exercise. In addition to its fitness and health benefits, jumping or skipping rope has always been a fun way to spend an afternoon, either alone or with friends. Jump rope songs have been passed down from one generation to the next. In fact, chances are your grandchildren will be singing a version of the songs you chanted as a kid. Not only will your kids enjoy these songs, but singing jump rope songs can help kids keep their rhythm while they jump.

So, give your kids a jump-rope or get one yourself, relive these classic rhymes and get jumping!

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