Host a scavenger hunt for a very cool game alternative!


Do you need a very cool party game, and not just another boring one? Host a scavenger hunt! This is a great activity to do before a social gathering or party. For adults or driving teens, hold the hunt before the event and have the guests end up at the final destination as the last thing on their lists.

Planning a Scavenger Hunt can be a fun activity for children and adults alike. Scavenger hunts also make a cool games for those hard to please teens!

Whoever you are making the scavenger hunt for, a good location is crucial.

First , consider what it is you wish to look for, and then you can begin to pick a location. If you are going to plan a scavenger hunt for children, consider picking a museum or an educational location. The children might search for books, search on maps, or draw pictures of things they find.

If you are planning a scavenger-hunt for adults, consider a location with a lot of things to see and do. A shopping mall will have numerous things to find, and you can hunt out logos, store names, and some rare items. A place, such as Faneuil Hall in Boston is a GREAT Place. My girlfriends had one there for me on my 40th!!!

Once you have a good location picked, you need to start plotting out what items you intend to find on your scavenger-hunt. Create a nice typed list on your computer, and enjoy your scavenger hunt!


• Divide the group into even teams. Give each team a phone book, a Polaroid camera, a notebook and pen, a local map (if needed) and a list of items to find or collect. • Assign each item a point value.

Make it fun,do you want them to hop in the car and get a photo bagging groceries? Pose with a police officer? Climbing on the jungle gym at the park.? Bring back a local newspaper?

• Give alternatives for some items. For example, a picture with the officer may be worth 1 point, but with two, could get them 5. • Stipulate that each team member must have his or her photo taken at least once. • Declare the team with the most points the winner. Be sure to get a group photo. • Award prizes - gift certificates, novelty gifts, money. If you charge a small amount to play, the money can go into a pool to cover film and the big prize.


• Divide the group into even teams. Give each team a Polaroid camera, a notebook and pen and a list of items to find or collect while on the scavenger-hunt. • Assign each item a point value. Make the list random or follow a theme, such as animals or things. • Make it fun. Do you want the kids to bring back a a jar of peanut butter? A pet? Have their pictures taken on a merry-go-round at the local park? • Stipulate that each team member must have his or her photo taken at least once. • Declare the team with the most points after an hour the winner. Be sure to get a group photo. • Award gift certificates, novelty gifts, candy or movie passes as prizes.


• Send kids in groups of four or five on bicycles. • Hide clues in plastic Easter eggs or brown lunch bags stashed around the neighborhood. • Write clues that tell the kids what to do next. The messages can lead them to the next egg, or they can be pieces of a larger puzzle that fits together with all the other clues. • Surprise the kids with a pizza CD’s or passes to a movie when they find the end of the scavenger hunt.

If you love to do scavenger hunts then you will enjoy this variation. Picture scavenger hunts are a new twist to a great original idea of a scavenger hunt. These simple steps will help you plan out the perfect pictures scavenger hunt.


Prepare a list of about ten interesting places, things, and circumstances that can be captured using a camera. You could list, for example: • A group photo with an animal. • A photo of the group and a bachelorette. • A photo with fireman with a tattoo of a woman's name on his arm! • A photo of everyone with street performers. • A group photo with someone dressed in a tuxedo. • A photo with a old car. • A photo of eveyone in the group wearing a hat. • A human pyramid of at least seven people. • A photo of everyone with a drink in their hand.

And so on......BE CREATIVE. Divide the group into teams of about four-six people. Make sure each team has at least one functioning camera (preferably digital, although polaroid is okay too). Set a time limit for the groups (e.g. two hours or so). Instruct the teams to find as many things on the list and take a picture with all the group members in the photo. When time expires, have all members meet and present their photos along with the checklist. Award one point for each successful photo item and bonus points for extra creativity or effort.

This activity is good for building team chemistry and for creating funny memories. This is really fun for a girls or guys night out and also makes for a great adult party game!Have fun, and safety first!