Pass around a pen or pencil to each guest and have them put it in their mouth. Put a pacifier on the end of the first person’s pencil and tell him or her to pass it to the next person in line. Try to pass the pacifier all the way around the room without it falling.


To adapt this version of “pin the tail on the donkey” for your baby shower, draw a large picture of a baby on poster board or cardboard. Create a drawing of a diaper on another piece of cardboard and cut it out. Place a large piece of double-sided tape on the back of the diaper and keep the roll of tape handy in case the tape loses its stickiness. Pin or tape the baby on the wall. Guests can take turns wearing a blindfold made from a bandanna or household rag and attempt pinning the diaper on the baby’s bottom. Use a marker to initial each person’s diaper placement on the baby. After all guests have had their turns, the person with the placement closest to the baby’s bottom is the winner.


Place two laundry baskets across the room from each other, one with about 10 inflated party balloons. Divide guests into two teams. Each member of the team puts a balloon between her knees and waddles across the room placing the balloon in the other laundry basket without touching the balloon with their hands. (Shaking, wiggling and hopping over the basket to free the balloon are all allowed!) The balloons get full of static so this can be tricky. After the guest gets her balloon in the basket or drops it on the floor, she runs back and the next team member goes. You can do this simultaneously with four baskets too. The team that gets the most balloons in the basket within a certain time frame wins. If more than one person wins, you can go into overtime or just give out multiple prizes.

Variation: Instead of balloons, have guests put a penny between their knees to be placed in a large old-fashioned milk bottle or any bottle with a relatively small neck.


This is one of my favorite shower games! Gather 10-12 baby items, such as newborn diapers, a bib, burp clothes, baby wipes, a pacifier, baby shampoo, a rattle, and cotton swabs. Write the price of each item on individual cards and seal each card in an envelope. Write the name of the items on the envelopes and set them by the products. Have guests pair up into teams of two and pass each team the list of items on a sheet of paper. The teams guess the price of each item and write it next to that item on their list. An announcer then opens the envelopes one by one and gives the card to the team with the closest guess. The person who collects the most cards wins. Give all of the baby products to the guest of honor. Although this game can be played individually without teaming up, adding the team element allows for more mingling and makes it a livelier group activity.


This shower game serves a great purpose and is very easy. Upon arrival you have each guest write down their name and address on a Thank You Card envelope. Then set a timer (this will be done 2 or 3 times during the shower) for 30 or 40 minutes. When the timer goes off, the addressed Thank You card envelopes and the shower honoree randomly picks one from the basket and that person wins a small prize.


While the mother-to-be is opening her gifts, keep a list of exclamations she makes, but do not let her know you are marking down what she is saying. When she is finished unwrapping all of her new baby gifts, have someone read the list aloud with the preface, “If walls could talk, they would tell us about the following things our favorite mom-to-be said the night the baby was conceived.” This hysterical baby shower game is a great opportunity for a video camera so the laughs can be shared for years to come.


All you need is a roll of toilet paper, yarn, string, or ribbon, a pair of scissors, and all the ladies and mother-to-be. The toilet paper starts with one person and they rip a piece to the length that they think will be just the right size to get all the way around the guest of honor’s stomach. Continue passing the paper or string around until everyone has their piece. The guest who is closest to the correct length wins, some relaxing bath salt or a new pen. This is a great game, and it is guaranteed to leave your guests smiling.


Hand everyone a piece of paper and a pen. The object of this shower game is to see who can remember the most items on the tray. A tray full of items is brought out on a covered tray. The tray is uncovered and placed in the center of the room preferably on a table.

The guests have exactly two minutes to look over the tray. The tray can be rotated so that it can be seen from other angles but no touching the contents. After the minute is up everyone writes down what they remember. The person who remembers the most gets a prize. To be successful you should have a lot of things on the tray, and a list of what is on the tray. This is fabulous entertainment and once it is all over you can give the items to your guest of honor as your baby gift.

Examples of tray contents :baby powder, baby socks, baby onezies, baby bottle, baby fork, baby comb, rattles, pacifier, baby spoon, bib, diaper, Q-tips, thermometer, diaper rash tube, regular or plastic keys, can opener, jar of baby food, barrette, extra large safety pin, crayon or small box of crayons... etc

For a fun variation have the person go around the room with baby items on it as planned, but instead of just asking questions about the items on the tray , also ask the questions about how the person carrying the tray is dressed! But make sure you have the person carrying the tray leave the room before asking questions about them.


One of the easiest baby shower games to play is “Guess what’s inside the Jar.” It is a shower game full of fun, it’s cheap, and there is nothing like seeing the faces of grown adults after smelling baby food!

You will need to purchase six jars of baby food and four jars of baby juice. The variety of foods that are normally chosen are applesauce, peaches, peas, green beans, bananas and pears, but if you’re feel like switching these, be our guest. The same thing applies to the juices that you pick. The normal variety of juices are apple juice, orange juice, prune juice, and pear juice, but again, if you feel like doing something different, go ahead and switch them up!

Once you have purchased all your juices and baby foods, the first thing you need to do is label the top of each jar when a number one to ten. Once you have labeled each of the jars, tear off the store labels and write the corresponding number on the inside of each. Place the labels inside of an envelope. Now, it’s time to play the game. Pass each jar around to each guest. They must guess what it is they are holding by looking at the food’s color and texture. (They can smell it, it they’d like.)

Once each guest has had the time to look at each jar and make their guess, it is time to reveal the results. Take the labels out of the envelope and reveal each food and juices’ true identity. Take a pause for small chatter after each item is revealed. Once you have revealed all of the food, you will need to find the person who got the most correct answers.


Read off a list of items for guests to try to find in their purses. You can assign point values for items; for example, an invitation to the shower would equal one point while a blue crayon would equal 5 points. Or, you can simply award a prize to the person who comes up with the most items. Some ideas for items include a safety pin, a rubber band, nail clippers, a baby photo or photo of a child, a wet wipe, scissors and candy. For a couples shower game play "What's in his wallet" too and include items such as a black and white photo, a poem or story, a coin, a fifty dollar bill, something from a child, a coupon, 3 business cards and something dated older than 10 years.