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Calling all water warriors and would-be underworld types--get your friends together with some high-tech squirt guns for a friendly game of Assassin. This action yard game can be adapted for kids or college students. Get into role playing or just some hot-weather fun with the game Assassin. Assassin also makes a great group party game.

Step 1

Decide whether to play one-on-one or by teams. Things You'll Need For this Yard Game:

• Some sort of water weapon, such as a squirt gun, water balloon or other container of water • Two or more players • Paper and pen • Photos and envelopes (optional)

Step 2

Choose an area of play. This can be a yard, a park, an entire city block or more. Find a place that won't be disturbed by other people during your game.

Step 3

Agree on a time limit. Play until 1 winner is left or for a set amount of time, such as 1 hour. Then whoever has the most "kills" wins.

Step 4

Pair up victims and assassins by name or by picking sealed envelopes with photos inside. Bring pictures or take some just before the game. Each player is both Assassin and victim, and gets the same number of "marks."

Play the Game Assassin

Step 1

Prepare your weapons and space players around the perimeter of the playing field. You can set a timer for a few minutes, and the beep means: "Assassins, go!"

Step 2

Stalk your particular victim. At first he won't know who is his assassin, so he may be easy to surprise. Victims are allowed to shoot in defense, though, and if shot, Assassins have to go back to the starting place and begin over.

Step 3

Shoot your victim to win a "kill." Then take your victim's next assignment and proceed to assassinate that person.

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Capture the Flag is played outdoors with two teams. It's best with teams of three or more players and can be played almost anytime, anywhere.

Step 1

Divide into two teams of three or more people.

Step 2

Divide territories for the teams. Streets, trails, creeks and fence lines all make good border markers.

Step 3

Agree on two items to serve as "flags." They should be brightly colored and a foot or two across.

Step 4

Decide what happens when captured. Either choose to make players "out" for the rest of the game, converted to the team that caught them, or put in a "jail" to be rescued by their teammates.

The Game

Step 1

Retreat by team into your territory to hide the flag. The flag must be hung at head height and be visible from 20 yards away on at least one side.

Step 2

Split into attacker and defender groups within your team. Attackers and defenders can switch jobs as needed.

Step 3

Attempt to sneak across the border, find and capture the enemy flag, and then race back without being caught if you are an attacker.

Step 4

Hide around your flag or along the border and try to intercept and catch any opposing players who sneak across if you are a defender.

Step 5

Capture enemy players by tagging them while they are on your side of the border.

Step 6

Win by capturing the enemy flag and carrying it back to your side of the border.


Step 1

Put captured enemy players in "jail" by picking an area with a clearly defined border to serve as the jail.

Step 2

Rescue teammates by sneaking across the border, finding the jail, tagging your teammate, then racing back across the border.

Step 3

Recapture players by tagging them again before they reach the border.

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Play Kick the Can with three or more friends in any outdoor area that has safe, reasonable places to hide, day or night. This is another great group party game or yard game.

Step 1

Select an object to serve as the "can" - an actual can, a ball, or a small, taped-up box.

Step 2

Select someone to be "It."

Step 3

Select an area to set the can - a clear space about 20 or 30 yards across.

Step 4

Select an area to be the "jail" - a comfortable place close to the can, but not blocking the can.

If You're "It"

Step 1

Stand by while another player kicks the can as far as possible.

Step 2

Retrieve the can and put it back where it was in the beginning.

Step 3

Capture players by calling out their names and their hiding places while you're stepping on the can.

Step 4

Look for players, but try not to stray far from the can.

Step 5

Race back to the can if you see an uncaptured player headed for it.

Step 6

Step on the can and call out that player's name if you get to the can first.

Step 7

Run after the can and put it back again if that player kicks the can away.

Step 8

Continue until you have all the players in jail.

If You're Not "It"

Step 1

Select someone to kick the can as far as possible.

Step 2


Step 3

Race back to the can and kick it before It gets there.

Step 4

Go to jail if It steps on the can and calls out your name and your correct location.

Step 5

Wait in jail until you are rescued - that is, until someone kicks the can.

Step 6

Run away and hide again when the can is kicked and you are released from jail.

Step 7

Be It for the next game if you were captured first.

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This is an action yard game that is typically played outdoors at night. One person is the “ghost” who hides. The others search for the ghost and when he or she is discovered, he or she yells “Ghost in the Graveyard!” and everyone must try to run back to base before the ghost tags them.

Bloody Murder is a yard game that involves hiding, seeking, and chasing. It’s a good activity for nighttime family or group fun. Be sure to wear comfortable sneakers, as the game involves some running around. This was my favorite yard game as a kid. We played in the cul-du-sac and used a fence as home base.

Setup for Bloody Murder/Ghost in the Grave yard game

There is no real setup necessary for this game, except to ensure that the area or yard is safe from dangerous obstacles. Choose a central location to be the “home base” for the game.

How to Play Ghost in the Graveyard

Gather everyone at the home base. You’ll need a large outdoor play area for this yard game. Tell everyone the boundaries of play and make sure everyone knows not to go past these boundaries.

To begin, choose a volunteer to be the “ghost.” This person leaves the base and hides somewhere within the boundaries while everyone else closes their eyes. After a minute or two, the rest of the group counts aloud: “One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock…” until they reach midnight.

At this point, everyone leaves the base and searches for the ghost. The first person to spot the ghost yells “Ghost in the graveyard!” and all the seekers rush back as fast as they can to base. The ghost chases after everyone and whoever is tagged becomes next ghost.

This yard game is best to play when it is early evening or dark, but be sure to take measures to keep everyone safe, as running in areas with low light can lead to possible injury. Keep safe and have fun! MANHUNT

Manhunt is a large-scale game of hide-and-seek. It can be played in any outdoor area with definable borders, day or night. Teens love this yard game( or neighborhood) and is great to play at a slumber party in the dark!

Setting Up

Step 1

Select an area appropriate for the number of players. A quarter of an acre per player is a practical guide.

Step 2

Establish boundaries.

Step 3

Establish a signal for the hunt to begin - car horn, air horn, or loud yell.

Step 4

Choose whether you wish to start with a single hunter or two or three hunters for a large group.

Step 5

Choose a time delay for players to hide before the hunt begins.

Step 6

Select a method for tagging players. Either the hunter tags players or just calls out their names and hiding places.

Playing the Game

Step 1

Give all hunted players a set amount of time to run and hide.

Step 2

Signal the start of the hunt.

Step 3

Begin searching the area if you are a hunter.

Step 4

Become a new hunter if you are found.

Step 5

End the game when all hidden players have been found.

End of yard games. For more yard games or children's yard games,see the Playground games or basketball games sections. Many games teens like to play are yard games that involve chasing &strategy but there are a few games that aren't played outside that will entertain them for hours as well.....

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Other cool games for a group of teens to play......these are not yard games.


This stationary game (originally invented by psychology student Dimitry Davidoff in Russia, 1986) is a popular group game involving strategy and bluffing. It is good for discussing topics such as lying, deception, trust, good versus evil, etc. or just for a fun time. There are five roles one can play: one narrator, two members of the mafia, two members of the police (or one the group is not large), one doctor, the remaining people are townspeople.


The narrator needs to prepare the right number of playing cards to set up the game. He or she takes out two aces (which represent mafia), two kings (which represent police), one queen (which represents the doctor), and several number cards (one for each of the remaining roles to be played). Therefore, if there are 12 people playing, there would be two aces, two kings, one queen, and seven number (non-face) cards, adding up to 12 cards. The narrator shuffles these cards and each person randomly selects a card, without revealing his or her identity. The person assumes the role for the round.


• Ace card: Anyone who gets an Ace card is a Mafia member. Their goal is to keep secret that they are Mafia and blend in with the Townspeople. For them to win the game, they want to eliminate the townspeople one by one each round but not to get eliminated (voted off) during the day.

• King card: Anyone who gets a King card is a member of the Police. These members try to figure out who is guilty of being a Mafia and who is innocent. Thus, their goal is to help the townspeople vote correctly in who to eliminate during the day (the good people, not the bad!). They generally want to keep their identity secret so that the Mafia cannot eliminate them early.

• Queen card: The doctor role. This optional (but recommended) role serves one purpose - to try to protect people during the night. He or she can also be selfish and choose to protect himself during the night.

• All other cards (number cards): Townspeople. Their goal is to figure out who is a member of the secret Mafia, and to eliminate them from the town during the day.


Arrange the players in a circle, with the narrator outside the circle and walking around it. Each “day” of the game, the narrator takes the entire town through the following commands in this order:


• It is nighttime, so everyone please go to sleep.” (Everyone puts their head down and closes their eyes)

• “Mafia, please wake up.” (Only the mafia quietly opens their eyes. The ones that are still “alive” quietly and unanimously choose a person to eliminate by pointing to someone in the group. The narrator takes note of the person chosen.

• “Mafia, please go to sleep.” (The mafia closes eyes and places their heads down again.)

• “Police, please wake up.” (The member(s) of the police that are still alive open their eyes and quietly points to one person who they suspect is a member of the Mafia.

• The narrator quietly nods or shakes his or her head to indicate whether that person is indeed Mafia.

• “Police, please go to sleep.” (The member(s) of the police close their eyes and place their heads down.)

• “Doctor, please wake up and choose someone you’d like to protect.” (The doctor, if still alive, wakes up and silently points to someone they would like to protect for that day.)

• “Doctor, please go to sleep.” (The doctor closes his or her eyes and puts his/her head down.)

• “It’s morning. Everyone please wake up.” (Everyone opens their eyes and raises their head.)


• The narrator announces the person who was eliminated, unless the doctor correctly selected the person who was targeted by the Mafia for the night. The person who was eliminated MUST quietly leave the circle. This person may not speak to anyone for the remainder of the entire game, but he or she may now keep his/her eyes open to watch everything.

3. Daytime Discussion/Voting

• The townspeople (along with the Mafia and Police who may pretend to be townspeople) then nominate and vote on people who they suspect is a Mafia. Each person nominated may make a defense and plead their case. The person receiving a majority vote (50% or above) is eliminated. After someone is voted off, the day is over. The day may also end without any eliminations if the entire group decides to do so. The day ends, and the pattern starts again (Nighttime, Daytime Update, Daytime Discussion/Voting).


The police or townspeople win if they successfully eliminate all mafia members. The mafia win if they successfully eliminate all the townspeople. This group game involves lots of strategy, knowing how and when to reveal your identity, who to trust, etc.


A variation for younger kids is known as Predator. Instead of mafia, there are “predators,” and instead of police there are “hunters.” Usually three separate predators (lion, wolf, bear) are chosen and they are instructed to pick up their heads separately and kill someone (they sometimes kill each other). Also, rather than using cards, simply just tap them while their heads are down (”If I tap you now, you are the bear.”) It makes it easier for the kids to keep it a secret.

Summary: A stationary group game involving lots of strategy. People play as a member of the mafia, police, doctor, or town. The object is eliminate the mafia before they eliminate the entire town.Ages: 14 and up. Recommended number of people: A groups of 8 to 12. Messiness factor: No sweat. Materials required: A deck of cards to determine who plays which role.

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